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Dean DeTurk

Fleetwood, PA
Topton, PA
High School Teacher
Tac Ops/Heavy Metal/Limited, Also Master in USPSA Production and Single Stack

How did you get started?

I was at the range just plinking and practicing with my concealed carry pistol and met an individual who introduced me to USPSA competitions and invited me to my first match.

How often do you do go to the range to practice?

At least once a week.

How much do you shoot?

I try and shoot as much as possible, during the school year I try and practice at least once a week, and during the summer I try and get to the range 3 or 4 days a week. I also shoot an average of 10-11 major matches a year plus one or two locals a month. This adds up to about 10-12k of rifle and pistol a year.

What firearms do you shoot competitively?

Lancer Outlaw or Lancer Heavy Metal rifle with a US Optics scope, Wheaton Arms STI 6” 9mm, Browning A5 or Beretta x400 Shotgun

What other reasons to you own firearms?

I enjoy hunting a great deal, although the competition side of shooting has taken time away from my ability to be in the woods as much as I would like. I also am a concealed firearms permit holder and believe in the right to keep and bear arms, and carry a concealed firearm whenever possible to ensure the safety of my home and family.